A playground project requires the support of every person in a community.  With tighter budgets, fundraising efforts are typical protocol these days in any town or school’s quest for a playground.  We, at O’Brien & Sons, know that many years of hard work go into raising money and we would like to make it as easy and effortless as possible.

The benefit of being in business for over 80 years brings along the knowledge and experience in seeing many fundraisers.  We can assist you by letting you in on what others have done and what we have seen.

Grants are another great source of money for new playgrounds.  There are many organizations that are willing to channel money toward a new playground project.  While grants are constantly changing, we do our best on a yearly basis to review our list of grant opportunities and bring them up to date.  Some good quality research on the computer will uncover some grant opportunities as well.  Don’t just think federally…local organizations are looking for ways to channel money into their communities.

Playground Fundraising Ideas

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