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When O’Brien & Sons opened our doors over 90 years ago we wanted to ensure that we selected only the highest quality products.  We proudly distribute Landscape Structures Playground Equipment. 

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Landscape Structures Playground Lily Wobble Pod


O’Brien and Sons is the exclusive New England distributor for Landscape Structures, North America’s premier provider of innovative playground equipment.  We are most proud of being named Landscape Structures’ Rep of the Year for 2016.

We’ve been working with Landscape Structures since 1980, longer than many other playground equipment companies have even been in business.

We are proud to be associated with Landscape Structures because…

  • Materials Matter – Landscape Structures provides the most quality materials when manufacturing playground equipment.   This superior level of quality ensures we never have to apologize or make excuses for a mediocre product.
  • Play Value –  Landscape Structures provides equipment that challenges kids over and over because the creative nature of their play events ensure that it stays fresh in play appeal.  They provide equipment that offers unique and fluid motion, challenges fine and gross motor skills and fosters inclusive play which keeps families coming back day after day.
  • Longevity – You should always check warranties in your play equipment but better yet, check actual playground installations.  How do they look after 10 or 15 years?  How do they wear?  Landscape Structures playgrounds are proven to last years beyond their competitors.  The proof is in tons of installations throughout New England.  If you can get an additional decade of use out of the same equipment, you can amortize yours costs over a longer period of time and get much higher value – but only if you purchase top quality equipment to begin with.

But it’s more than just the equipment.  Its about kids!

When it comes to playgrounds, it pays to think outside the sandbox.  Think twice about a purchase based on price alone. 

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