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MacColl YMCA

With one of the most incredible summer camp programs in Rhode Island, MacColl YMCA needed something that said “WOW!!”.  By combining the 12-foot tall Super Netplex® and fitness events from the FitCore™ Extreme collection, this challenging design is geared toward developing achievements and creating self-confidence.   The multitude of playground events that provide opportunities toward building success and reaching goals coincide with the YMCA mission of building lifetime skills.

On the 12-foot Super Netplex® Tower, inclusivity is built into the design.  The center spiral belting with grippy texture provides an easy way for everyone to climb to the top, including those with mobility limitations. The multiple nets, belting and climbers result in a thrilling network of climbers that provide endless routes to the slides at the top. Once there, the clear sightlines enable kids to enjoy the sights from the top and allow caregivers an unobstructed view.

Location:  Lincoln, RI