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Arthur D. Healey Schoolyard

This one-of-a-kind playground design, part of an extensive park renovation, features high heights, a generous supply of belting and nets and an eye-catching mix of recycled wood-grain lumber. Set high on a hill in Somerville, this custom playground features “play cubes” that make up the uppermost portion of the structure and give amazing views of the Boston Skyline. The insides of the cubes contain opportunities for climbing, socializing, crawling, and exploring.

Four of the posts around the huge belt climber look like wood but are DigiFuse® wood-grain steel posts ensuring durability and longevity for years to come. DigiFuse® is also used to create Hawk lettering and images on panels highlighting the school’s mascot. With so many uses, DigiFuse® is a powerhouse in revolutionizing custom design.

Somerville MA