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PLP Flagpoles

PLP has manufactured the highest quality fiberglass flagpoles for over 40 years of experience.  All PLP Flagpoles have superior structural design and are non-corrosive and rust-proof.  Offered in a variety of heights and halyard options, PLP Flagpoles are a great solution for the wide variety of New England weather we experience whether it is high winds, salt-air or snow.  Installation is simple as the lightweight characteristics of fiberglass make it easy for anyone.  Fiberglass flagpoles are perfect for businesses and schools because they are virtually maintenance free.    They are both attractive and designed to withstand the elements which makes it perfect for a nautical setting.  Fiberglass absorbs sound, so the noisy clanging of metal is not an issue.  Since fiberglass is also nonconductive, grounding is not required unless wire halyards are used.

All poles come complete with accessories that include a gold aluminum ball, truck, polyester halyard, cleat, snap hooks, flash collar, and ground sleeve and are offered in a variety of colors.



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