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Murdock Drinking Fountains

For over one hundred and sixty years Murdock, Inc. has been the benchmark in both the drinking fountain and water hydrant industries. As early as 1858, while most people were drawing water from common wells, the Murdock company was manufacturing and installing water delivery systems throughout the country.  Murdock was founded on the principle of designing and manufacturing products that stand the test of time.

Today, Murdock’s product line includes traditional and contemporary fountains in classic and modern styles that also reflect today’s busy and active lifestyles, such as bottle fillers that encourage the use of refillable water bottles for users on the go.  The product line also includes options for your four-legged best friend, as the fountains and bottle fillers can be equipped to provide refreshment for thirsty pets.  Pool and beach showers are also part of Murdock’s extensive product line and are available in powder coated or stainless steel.

Murdock is committed to offering today’s designs with yesterday’s high-quality standards and workmanship.





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